‘HTC Power to give’ updated

A slightly reworked Power to give app.

So, what’s Power To Give. The name pretty much describes what it is, when you charge your phone the app uses processing power in your phone to help with various scientific things that needs processing power.

There are one billion smartphones in use today. The combined processing power of all these devices can truly revolutionize scientific research, and make an enormous contribution to humanity – if we all work together.

With HTC Power To Give, the potential to research cures for cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, AIDS – to help understand climate change, or venture into space – is all at our fingertips.

By downloading HTC Power To Give, plugging in your phone and connecting to Wi-Fi, your spare computing power will become part of an enormous grid, providing processing power to a project you’ve selected from a range across the world.

Medical, environmental, scientific and many other projects will benefit. Projects that could otherwise take hundreds of years could be executed in a drastically shorter time.

The numbers are incredible, and achievable with your help.

So join us today.

Download HTC Power To Give, plug in, and be a part of the future.

HTC Power To Give
HTC Power To Give
Developer: HTC Corporation
Price: Free
  • HTC Power To Give Screenshot
  • HTC Power To Give Screenshot