How-to: Android SDK stand-alone tools

Simply tools that you will sooner or later need when you’re dealing with Android devices.

Before you start installing any SDK parts, you MUST have an JDK installed (as in Java Development Pack). The JDK is (on win 8 at least) a 170MB download so don’t do this while rushing.

Then you can download and install the Android SDK stand-alone tools. I pretty just installed what was suggested, just know that this part will take a LONG time.

To get ADB/etc to work in any command line window, it’s recommended that you add the path of those tools to the Path in windows. This tells you how.

On my windows 8.1 computer it was found under


It of course depends on username and where you install it etc. The installer for the android sdk tells you this as well.

For me tools like Monitor (previously DDMS) was found under


But, as I mentioned earlier that depends on just where you install the SDK. I used the default.

So, what do you use those tools for?

the ones under platform-tools is tools like adb and fastboot which is very important once you want to pretty much do anything “extra” with your phone. Or, when you want to enable your phone to use MoreLocale 2.

The batch file Monitor in the folder tools is a very handy tool where you can do screenshots of the phone (while connected to computer) and so on. I see it as a needed part on any computer I use.