Rant of the day – Dec 6th

Just a random thing that annoys me for the moment.

Check your sources!

How hard can it be? to actually GOOGLE if you think that you’ve found a leak for “htc one m9” or whatever you think it is.

I’ve seen this now myself at least 3-4 times in a group that I’m a part of, images of what they say is “htc one m9”.

And, then it turns out that “leaked one m9” is “just” a fan concept (see it as “dedicated fan art”). And not much more.  You’ve got fan concepts by Hasan Kaymak that’s used to “prove” things as well. I do like their work, but it doesn’t prove a thing (other than both of them having skills).

No; this isn’t a rant against leaks. This is a rant about people not checking their sources properly. If it’s a proper leak, with a proper image: at least I wouldn’t go “but, that’s just a fan concept”. I know that leaks are just a part of everything. But, don’t be lazy. Check your sources. Please.

This is about people posting links/images/content on various pages/groups with images/etc that are from a fan concept, using them as “proof”. And being upset about how “one m9” looks.

First versions of this was a bit confused, but I think that now it reflects what I had in mind when I started.