How to find price for a HTC phone

This is something that I see a LOT. And often a bit pointless in all the wrong places.

This is how you do it

  • Google it. Google the name name, ¬†often you get clues this way.
  • Check pages for retailers, often they’ve got a price.
  • Talk with a retailer, like a store. Sometimes they know.
  • Google it some more. You could be lucky.
  • Read reviews, it’s often mentioned there. For some markets prices are announced later.
  • Just check around a bit.
  • Compare with more than one retailer when you do find a price.

How you do NOT do it

  • Ask on random pages (directly on indirectly connected to HTC) without mentioning where you are “what’s the price??”. Since that is utterly pointless, as people can’t even guess then.
  • Repeat your question. Not going to help very much.
  • Even if you say where you are: it’s local retailers that price it.


  • Google
  • Ask a local retailer
  • Ask friends living in the same area
  • Google
  • HTC doesn’t have your local prices. So: ask a retailer.
  • Google
  • Check online retailers, be careful with getting from other countries since warranty could get tricky that way.