A look at Android Lollipop 5.0.1

Just a little thing on it. Done on a Nexus 7 2013.

Under screen look you can now have it set to “none”, which I see as a REALLY good thing since then it’s just straight in. Esp good when you’ve got a case that can do “smart cover”, as in turn on when you open (the vice versa).

It feels more “done” now, it feels a bit more stable. This will be VERY good with all little issues fixed. But, it’s still rather new and I am sure that there’s more bugs to fix.

And, you STILL have to install Google Now Launcher for it to be really good. I can’t understand why they just don’t bundle it GNL from the start. Since stock launcher looks JUST like 4.4, for material design look you NEED GNL installed.

Google Now Launcher
Google Now Launcher
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

But, it’s a good step in the Lollipop saga. Just makes me even more curious on what HTC will bring.

You’ve got more info HERE¬†on 5.0.1