Why you should get a Chromecast

Just a few of the reasons which makes it worth while for me. Or: 10 months with a Chromecast.

It’s cheap

Yes, it’s very cheap and now in the US etc you can get it even cheaper. Thanks to Black friday and cyber monday.

It’s VERY easy to set up

Now I mean very very very easy. My dad could do it. That means that’s your semi-trained cat most likely could do it.

It’s getting better

Yes, Google is actually making it better. It’s over a year old, but there’s more and more stuff coming for it. More services coming for it. Right now I’m listening to tunein radio (pro) on my tv via chromecast, it’s been flawless for an hour (or more).

It’s pretty good quality

I’ve never experienced much problems at all with my chromecast, and I’m actually using it more now than when I got it. I think it’s because I can use it with more services now. There’s even games for it now, which is pretty cool. Although some of those games needs to be improved a bit.