Things I see in searches – Nov 27th

Just a few random things from searches

htc one m7 adobe flash player

Yes, this doesn’t seem to go away. Adobe flash player for mobile is dead technology. Is no more. Adobe retired the plugin in 2012. It’s been “replaced” with html5 and other things, there’s ways to get into your phone. Unsafe ways, it’s asking for problems. Haven’t been updated/worked at since 2011. Do not use it. Stay clear.
Read more about it

htc one m7 wifi direct

To use wifi direct on a One M7 you need to install an app on the phone and the phone in the other end. It’s pretty easy.
A full guide here
A slightly more updated version here for One M8

htc one developer options

This is one of the more sought after things here, with a full solution for how you do it HERE. Guide is for ONe M8, but it’s the same method on both the Ones (M7 and M8).