How to get CID on HTC One M8

CID or Carrier ID is kind of important to know around updates.

Since the CID tells you just where you will get update, if you get from a network/carrier or HTC (with the exception of unlocked/developer edition HTC phones in the US, where the CID doesn’t start with HTC__)

And, when do you know the CID. You can guesstimate just when you get updates.  HTC_Y13 as in Nordic countries (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, etc) tends to get updates pretty early on in the update cycle.

And, updates always always goes out in stages. Partly to avoid problems with the update, like various small bugs etc.

Earlier you had to compare the CID you got from an app with a CID list, but now there’s an app around that does it all for you. If there’s a CID that the app doesn’t recognise, mention that in the comments so we can let the dev of the app know.

Simple CID Getter
Simple CID Getter
Developer: Andreas Korb
Price: Free

Just install the app, and you’ll known instantly what CID your phone got. This of course works on most/all HTC android phones.