Things I see in searches – Nov 19th

Just a few random things from searches.

how to take a screen shot on an older htc

If the device is using below android 2.3, you will have to root the device, or use Android SDK and other ways.
Like this

how to put a widget on lollipop lock screen

As Lollipop default lock screen doesn’t got widgets, you can’t put widgets to it. That system is not there any more. Look around for lock screens which got that feature.
Read more HERE

change language without morelocale

If your device doesn’t got the languages you want to use. You MUST use MoreLocale2 or a similar app. That is the only way. Unless you root and put a custom rom with needed languages, but that is a much much more complicated process (and it will void warranty).
Read more about using MoreLocale2 on a One M8