No lockscreen widgets at all in Android Lollipop

This might ruffle the feathers for some people.

But, being the designed the way it is with notifications on the lockscreen I think that Google didn’t want to confuse people with more things on it.

This on a Nexus 7 2013, since we don’t know how it will look on a HTC/etc.

To be honest (and this is what I think):  you will not miss lockscreen widgets there since music player etc gets shown on the lockscreen. With google music you see album art etc on the lockscreen still, which is still pretty cool. Sure, if you’re an avid “widget on lock screen user”: this might ruffle your feathers, as I said. But: we all like different. Some will hate this, some will not even notice it’s gone.

So, you will get the info you need to the lockscreen but with little/no control and no extra widgets that you can add. Not sure if there’s any app that gets around this,  Let Me Know if there’s such a thing.