A couple of days with Android Lollipop

I have to say that I quite like it, it’s a step up from Kitkat.

The design of it is nice and clean. I find that it is VERY influenced by later Sense version (esp Sense 6), some places are almost straight out of Sense 6 (at least what it feels like). So, you that says that “pure aosp looks better than Sense”. Well, that just got difficult. Since it’s heavily influenced by Sense, which just makes sense.

Haven’t had much problems with it outside the keyboard. We just don’t agree, I think that it’s a bit confusing at times when the prediction can be a BIT random but it often gets me the text I wanted to write. But, I assume that I have to use it a bit more.

Got a bit miffed about their decision to can the mail app and be forced to use Gmail instead, but that works as well. As long as Mr Jonsson (that’s me) enters the correct server settings.

Well, Facebook Pages  at times is a bit “odd” but that can easy be Facebook rather than Lollipop.

Function wise it’s getting to closer to what I’m used with my HTC phones. Now with Battery and “Interruptions”, which is a variant of “Do Not Disturb”.

It sounds new and fresh as well, it’s just a natural progression. Now: I just can’t WAIT to see what HTC can do with it, since it’s going to be GOOD. Assuming that the keep the inner feel of it, but newer Sense versions have gotten sleeker and quicker, so I kinda expect the HTC version of Android Lollipop to be GOOD. I expect it to rise above what it is on my Nexus 7 2013. I know that it’s a rather bold statement, but that is how I feel about it.

So, in general I really like Android Lollipop. Can it be improved on? Of course.