Using Battery saver on Nexus 7 2013 with Android Lollipop

I assume that it looks/works in similar way on most Nexus devices.

I call it Orange Mode for reasons that you will get once you try it. There’s NOT a lot of settings for this. Just if you want it to ¬†automatically kick in when device is low on battery. That’s it.

It turns off various things so apps might not work as they’re supposed to, sync and such doesn’t work.

As google says “Reduces performance and background data”.

So, how do I turn it on?

It’s a bit hidden so you don’t instantly see it. Unless you’re looking for it.

Under Settings > Battery > 3 dots menu > Battery saver, where you have ON/OFF for it. And, if/when to turn it on automatically.

Yes, it ALWAYS turns both edges of screen Orange. Looks a bit like they looked at Sense a bit TOO much.

To turn it off, you simply swipe notification down and tap “turn off battery saver”.