The Droider guide on factory reset. Or: how to keep your contacts safe

Simply steps you need to take around factory reset etc.

Never ever only rely on backup method that’s been known to fail in the past

We’re talking HTC backup here, and sometimes it just fails miserable when you’re restoring your phone. Most of the time it just works, but sometimes it just fails.

So, here’s the things you should do as well to make sure that basic things like contacts are safe.

  • Put all your contacts on Google, with your Google account. On One M8 you can copy phone contacts to google contacts under People > 3 dots menu > Manage contacts > Copy contacts, where you select from where you want to copy and to where (your Google account). It’s rather simple. That single step have made sure that you will not lose your contacts, just make sure that Auto sync is enabled under Settings > Account & sync. Simple, huh? Or backup contacts to SD card, under People > 3 dots menu > Manage contacts > Import/Export contacts.
  • Manually backup messages, if you see that as important. Read more about that HERE.

That’s pretty much it, just make sure that things like contacts etc are safe.

THEN you do the factory reset.