Things I see in searches – Nov 10th

Just a few random things from searches.

htc one mini 2 disable mtp

That isn’t such a good idea, ¬†since you would have NO way of connecting your phone to a computer with it it disabled. MTP is the protocol-based way that most current Android phones uses for USB connections. So, just let it be.

how to get screenshot option back on android htc one

You’ve got 3 ways of doing screenshots on that phone, and two of those you can’t disable. The 3rd way, via quick settings, you might have to make show but it’s never disabled really. Read more on screenshots HERE.

htc one m8 language pack

For android you don’t have to download a language pack since most phones already got the language information needed. Read more HERE on how you get most languages onto your One M8.

wifi direct on htc one m8

The phone got full support for WifiDirect, you just need to install an app that can use it. More on that HERE.