Should I update my HTC phone?

This is a topic that I’ve seen a LOT and that keeps popping up. Around updates on HTC phones.

It’s a sometimes a somewhat controversial topic since there’s sometimes a LOT of information around it which doesn’t always have to be true. Or is based on 43 levels of “.. but I’ve heard”.

But, I’ve heard that here’s a bug in it that fries the motherboard at once when you install it

Yes, and Santa lives on the moon. Sorry, not true. Updates should be installed both from security and usability point of views. Like the Eye experience for HTC One M8 which brings new cool features to the camera, or 4.4.3/4.4.4 updates which brings patches for OpenSSL which gives you a more secure phone.

But, all updates just brings bugs! My phone is soo slow now!

Updates at times brings new android and/or Sense versions which apps you have installed aren’t 100% compatible with. And/or other things. Sure, there is bugs in updates but they’re rarely big things.

And some updates are fixes/patches to sort out something in a previous version, which means that you should install it on the spot.

And, read THIS to fix any issues you might have.

So, just install that update!

If there’s problems after, just deal with those then. Read more about that HERE.