Using Face Fusion on HTC One M8 with Eye/4.4.4

Simply: to blend two photos together to show a blend of you and someone else.

As usual: this is done with a regular European One M8 with Eye/4.4.4 running. Will not work on a One M8 with 4.4.3.

 So, how do I use it?

It’s rather simple. As it’s done as an Effect inside Gallery you first need to take two photos, or download if you want to fuse your face with someone famous. That’s the starting point: two photos with faces that you want to fuse. It works best with photos where the heads are about the same size and in the same angle.

Start with the photo you want to use as the main photo to fuse another face into.

Select Edit, Effects and then Face Fusion. Where you simply tap the + sign to add a photo with a face to fuse into the main one. That’s pretty much it. Use the slider at the bottom to select how much you want to fuse them.

When you save you can either select Save as photo, or Save as video which will save it as a “face morph” video which looks pretty cool.

The example shows my face fused with Mark Zuckerbergs. I know: “that looks scary”…