Things I see in searches – Nov 2nd

Just a few common searches to/on

“adobe flash player for htc one”

There is no such thing any more. Flash player for mobile was pulled by Adobe in 2012 after they said in 2011 that they would kill it. So, if you find a solution to get Flash for mobile onto your phone (like Dolphin browser, that doesn’t work for One M8 though), you willingly bring a thing that haven’t been updated for now soon 3 years. It’s simply NOT recommended. And, NO. You actually don’t need flash for mobile any more since with html5/etc site-owners can do the same (and more) as with Flash, and today we’re seeing that most pages that’s adapted for mobile is built this way. I know that I sound like a broken record on this, but: yeah, it’s gone. Dead. Tot.

“htc adobe flash player”

See above. No such thing any more. If you’re looking at desktop sites that still uses flash on mobile devices, tell them that they need to adapt to the reality.

“morelocale 2”

Covered that many times. More precisely how you get it working on a phone with 4.2 and above. HERE is the guide to get more languages onto your M8 (by the use of MoreLocale2)