Custom alarm on HTC One M8

This method will work on pretty much any android phone. Or should work I say, but I’ve used this method since my Desire.

This method is pretty simple. 

  • Get sounds that you want to use as alarm sounds.
  • Put those in the correct folder on your phone.

First you need some sounds to use for the alarm, you’ve got my Sense sound collection where you will find alarms for earlier sense versions (mine is from Sense 4). There’s new lollipop sounds there as well. In case you want those.

Then you need to know where to put that/those sound(s), that’s easy, and described HERE.

So, in short:

  • Get sounds you like
  • Put those sounds (mp3/etc) in a folder called alarms on external or internal storage on your M8 (or other android phone).
  • That should be it, sometimes you need to restart.
  • Just select tone to use for alarm.

Easy, huh?