Phone doing strange things?

I know that such a headline leaves the field pretty open, and that was the idea now.

This will be some sort of general troubleshooting into some different areas.

Help! I can’t update my phone at all! Got TWRP installed.

TWRP is what’s called a “custom recovery” that writes over the stock HTC Recovery which is used by the internal system to install updates. You see where it goes wrong. Quickly. There is no way around this, then to get rid of TWRP (reflash stock recovery) or by simply find a RUU that that you can reflash the entire phone with.

TWRP have address this HERE. How you get your phone back to stock, I recommend looking at XDA.

Phone doing just generally strange things!

Always try with a restart first, it’s a bit underrated but it’s useful. TO be followed by various tricks. Clearing cache for an app can be useful, esp for Play store etc. Settings > Apps > All > [name of app], Clear cache (etc).

Odd battery life?

Try wiping cache partition, more info on that HERE.

Other things?

I’ve covered this (and more) before, read that HERE.