Know your CID around update time

So, what is a CID really? Will try to explain that a bit deeper here.

This is only for HTC phones btw.

CID or Carrier ID, sometimes you can read it as Country ID as well (or Consumer ID etc). It’s simply an ID that tells you just what country/region/region your phone is intended for and where it will get updates from. That’s the important part.

Important? how is that important? Doesn’t all HTC phones get their updates directly from HTC regardless where and on what network/carrier?

Simply: No, this is where the CID comes into play. A regular unlocked/unbranded HTC phone got a CID that starts with HTC__XXX where you have different codes. Like Y13 that means Nordic countries, Sweden/Denmark/Norway etc. Those phones gets their updates straight from HTC. If you got a network/carrier phone with a CID that differs from the regular HTC__ moniker, your update comes on behalf of that network/carrier. Either directly from the carrier/network or helped a bit by HTC.

American carrier phones are “special” when it comes to updates as the carriers can and WILL limit where just where you get updates. Say that you’ve got a phone with the CID CWS_001, this means that you’ve got an American AT&T version of it. Which if you care about updates and live in Europe/Asia/Africa/etc should just avoid, since updates comes from AT&T. Some carriers can post the update as a file on their help pages, but it’s far from common and doesn’t happen with every phone as well. ¬†Even European networks can and will limit just where the updates are being sent out.

So, ALWAYS know what you get. Demand to know just where the phone comes from.

So, how do I find my CID?

I’ve “always” used CID Getter for this, but I recently found Simple CID Getter which does the same but also shows you for what country/region/network. Which is a very good thing. Some CID’s aren’t properly identified by the app though. LIke HTC__039 that should be Australia.