Breaking Modern launched

So, what does that have to do with phones you wonder? It’s owned and managed by HTC. That’s why. Our favourite brand.


As it says on their about page

Powered by HTC Corporation, BreakingModern brings you your daily dose of tech and lifestyle news, views, how tos and independent reviews. We hope you love our signature mix of evocative content as much as we loved creating it. And we invite you to create it with us.

Love tech, sports, music, movies, concerts, anime, comedy and other areas we cover? Join us. To submit writing, videos and other content, contact managing editor, Joy Ma. Click here to read submission guidelines for entering our HTC-sponsored Eyewitness daily photo contest. And contact us with ideas, suggestions and comments. It’s always great to hear from you.

BreakingModern, owned and managed by HTC, is staffed by a team of independent journalists who strive for high standards of objective, fair and ethical editorial excellence. That means disclosure in the case of real or perceived editorial conflicts. To read our ethics policy, click here. Find our Privacy Policy here. To ask us questions about those policies or report issues relevant to our editorial mission, click here.

It’s looks to be a pretty cool site so far, and there’s apparently support for Blinkfeed coming but with no time line on that.

So, check out Breaking Modern.