What’s new in the Eye Experience & Android 4.4.4 update for HTC One M8

That was a bit of a surprise. But, I guess that Eye Experience was developed on 4.4.4 and it just tagged along for the ride.

Perhaps to stick a bit more to some other makers have haven’t gotten around to that version on their similar flagships. Perhaps.

It pretty much seems to be “just” Eye Experience for camera which by itself seems pretty cool. Haven’t had a look at it myself yet, but will add my own findings as soon as I can.

This is for version 3.28.401.6 on a regular EU One M8. Size 252.01 MB.

What HTC says

The HTC Eye experience provides innovative enhancements for taking photos and making videos. Here are some of the features you can enjoy:

Face tracking: Track up to 4 faces during a video chat, and ensure that they stay within the camera’s angle of view.

Split capture: Record the action in front of you and yourself at the same time. Or, record the action first and then record a commentary.

Face Fusion: Using 2 photos such as your selfie and a photo of your favorite celebrity, try blending your look together.

Voice Selfie: Take a picture or video selfie by just saying “cheese” or “action”

Live makeup: Smoothen your skin before taking your selfie.

Photo Booth: Take 4 selfies and merge them into a single picture.

Screenshots by Stephen Brown

Droider Findings

  • Video now removed from camera mode selector screen, you now got a button for it on the regular Camera screen.
  • You can toggle through 3 modes with swipe up/down (left/right in portrait. Camera > Selfie > Split record
  • Camera activating quicker from off via motion launch, pick up phone and press Volume Down button.
  • In video mode you’ve got Slow motion, HDR and FHD (fast full hd) recording modes. Select via “Mode selector”, it’s Auto by default.
  • Face Fusion you find in Edit mode. Select a photo [in Gallery] where you press Edit > Effects. And you’ve got Face Fusion to the right.
  • Under Network Mode (Mobile data) it’s written as 3G only, 2G /3G auto and 2G /3G / 4G auto when it before mentioned GSM/WCDMA/LTE etc.
  • Under Settings > Accessibility you find Notification Reminder.

What you don’t get (compared to Desire Eye)

  • Crop Me In, but you’ve got a “copy & paste” mode in Edit where you can copy people into photos.

Did I miss something? Let Me Know!