Some months with a Lexar 64GB 600x micro-sd card

In my HTC One M8 I should mention as well.

But, why just 64GB when there are 128GB cards around?

Yeah, I kinda wanted one of those but my “get a storage card fund” only allowed a 64GB one since they’re much cheaper.

Fast enough?

Yeah, this card does about 85 MB/s in read and about 35 MB/s in write. Which is pretty good, it’s good enough for the card to never really be noticed. It just works.

It’s well worth the¬†money

I got it for rather cheap on Ebay UK, but just be a little careful when you get such things on Ebay etc. Look around, and check reviews of the seller carefully. The cards that Lexar got right now is a little faster and a little more expensive as well, but I do recommend Lexar since I’ve never had any issues at all with their products.