Other Things Oct 11th

Just a few things.

HTC DoubleExposure

I kinda liked that event, it was more “showy” than what it normally is. Even though some people just didn’t like the fashion show part of it. I think that was just fun, and a little “break” in it.

You can view the event again here or below

I’ve written a recap about the event HERE, and you’ve got things on RE, Eye Experience and Desire Eye.

Eye Experience with 4.4.4 update for One M8

Was a bit surprised that the updated started that quickly as it did (the other day in northern EU), and that it included 4.4.4. But, I think that the it was developed on 4.4.4 and that it just tagged along.

And, I got a bit surprised that GSMArena etc linked to my post on the update. That was kinda cool.