Things I see in searches – Oct 9th

Just a few searches I’ve seen.

why has the top bar of my htc one gone white

That is because Google now got design requirements with their new Android versions. Simply “if you want to use it, this is what you have to follow”. And, that to be allowed to use Play Store etc since Android wouldn’t be much without that. That’s it. Google designed it that way, and they want Android 4.4 devices a bit of a uniform look. At least the battery icon colour etc.

htc one m8 uk 4.4.4 update

Apparently the Eye Experience software is already going out to One M8. Have just seen some tweets about it, so that’s pretty much what I know so far. And, when it comes to updates: you’ll get it when you get it, UK roughly a week after the first small start. When it start for rest of Europe as well. I think that 4.4.4 just tagged along for the ride since it’s certainly not that needed, or perhaps HTC really wanted to stick it to that Other brand.

flash player htc one

Yes, we know. You want Flash player for Mobile (Android). But, it’s dead. It’s No more. Gone. Finito. Tot. Adobe stopped development on it in late 2011/early 2012. And pulled Flash player for mobile from the play store in 2012. It’s been replaced with HTML5 etc. It’s NOT needed today, although some sites doesn’t know that yet. Perhaps haven’t been updated for 3 years. Yes, there is various hacks for how to get it to “work”. But, you don’t want to use a thing that haven’t gotten updated or fixed in soon 3 years. It’s a BIG security hole as well. If you value your safety: don’t even try. And stability of phone etc.

how to show htc weather on blinkfeed

This is simply because Blinkfeed isn’t used as the default screen, and in Sense 6 that simply disables weather on it. More on it HERE

how to get a htc one m7 off safe mode

To get out of safe mode you simply have to restart phone, if it keeps retuning to safe mode: you’ve got something installed to the phone that it doesn’t like and that are preventing phone from running as it should. Check what apps you have installed, and restart. If keeps doing it: check more.