Double Exposure is coming on Oct 8th (10.08)


I think that we can be a bit sure that there will be a camera, since they’ve hinted heavily about that HERE.

And there’s been hints about various phones etc. What I think? That a tablet might arrive, but I can easy be wrong on that.

So, when does it start?

The event begins at 4pm EST in New York City (04:00 Thursday in Singapore, 21:00 London, 1pm Seattle) .

Cool, is there a livestream?

Yes, there will be. It will apparently start a little after the time mentioned but around that time.

The page is not live yet, but I’m assuming that it will come to life tomorrow some time before the event.

When you DO watch that, which I assume that we all will do. Use the hashtag #HTCLive on twitter etc when you post about it.