More on SIM cards

Or Subscriber Identity Module, the card inside your GSM phone. As Wikipedia says ” an integrated circuit that securely stores the international mobile subscriber identity(IMSI) and the related key used to identify and authenticate subscribers on mobile telephony devices”

I’ve written about sizes on SIM cards HERE before, so I will not cover that again. This will be about SIM PIN and how you recover a phone where you’ve been locked out.


Stands for personal identification number, it’s simply the code you use to unlock the SIM card for use.

Some cards comes with their SIM PIN printed on the plastic card you press out the SIM from. And, sometimes you get your SIM PIN printed on a piece of paper, it simply depends where (network/country/etc).

If your SIM card comes without a SIM PIN set, then I really really recommend that you set a SIM PIN right now. Here’s how.


If you’ve messed up and managed to enter the wrong SIM PIN three (3) times, then you NEED your PUK code. It simply stands for PIN Unlocking Key.

So, where do I get that?

It’s often printed on the same plastic card where your initial SIM PIN is printed. If not, contact your network for it. Depending on network you often got an online service for such things, like a “my services” etc where you can see your numbers etc.

With prepaid SIM cards you can sometimes register that on that “my services”, I use Telia in Sweden myself and there is “mina sidor” which means like “my pages” where I can register my card(s) and easy get PUK etc for it.

But, to register a SIM you might need a ICCID number for the sim card. It’s simply the ID for the card itself connected to your number.

So, where do I find the ICCID?

Remember that little plastic card you pressed out your SIM card from? Yup, it’s often printed on that. It’s also printed on the SIM card itself. Sometimes on papers that comes with the SIM card.

Ok, I can’t find that plastic card and the text on the SIM card is smudged/destroyed and I really really need that ICCID. Help!

Checked around for apps that can do this, and so far the only app I’ve found that can do that is THIS one, under 3 button menu you find “cellular network” which will give you the info you need.