Connect a USB memory stick to HTC One M8

Just a regular USB memory stick, or a memory card reader etc.

So, just what do you need?


The most important in this is a what gets called “USB OTG adapter” cable, OTG just stands for “On The Go”. There’s MANY variants of these. I buy mine from ebay for like $1 each. Oh, and of course a USB memory stick.

And, that is pretty much it. Connect adapter to phone, and then insert USB memory into that.



And, before you remove the memory stick: sometimes it’s wise to unmount it first, just to be on the safe side.

Settings > Storage > Unmount USB Storage

Can I use a memory-card reader?

Yes you can. You can use pretty much anything USB.



Even a portable USB harddrive?

But, using a a USB harddrive can get slightly tricky since you will need special cables for it and the USB drive formatted to a file system that the phone can read. More on that