How to connect a USB floppy disk drive to HTC One M8

Yes, as simple as that. A regular now pretty old USB Floppy Disk Drive. Why? Because it’s there. To to demonstrate just how flexible Android can be. And to save the day when someone sits there with some old floppy disk and really need the info on it.

What you need

  • USB Floppy Disk Drive, I keep one just in case there’s important stuff forgotten on a floppy somewhere.
  • USB OTG adapter cable, can be found on Ebay for like $1/£1/€1.
  • And of course the HTC One M8, the best phone of 2014.


Pretty much just connect everything, I connected with the floppy in and it just started working. It of course takes a while, a floppy disk isn’t the quickest thing around.