Music on HTC One M8

Just going to look at just how you get music to the phone and so on. Just various ways to get the tunes you love.

I assume that the computer used is a regular modern Windows 7/8/8.1.

From computer

Via USB cable

  • Simply connect phone and just copy the music you want, to the phone. A guide on the HERE.
  • Use Windows Media Player to sync the music to your phone. Guide on that HERE.
  • HTC Sync Manager, I don’t use this myself as it’s a bit backwards and can be a pain to get working.
  • Double Twist (app), that can sync itune playlists to phone (over usb). You need Pro for AirSync etc.

I will NOT cover here just how you get the music that you use on your phone, as some of those methods used are a bit out in the grey area. If you got the music on cd, then use this guide to get those into your computer.


For streaming most services today got offline use as well.
NB: Not available in all countries/regions

  • Spotify. The first streaming service around. Comes in various flavours that can do various things. Premium is as much as Google Play Music All Access.
  • Google Music. You buy music from Play Store, or for a monthly fee use Google Play Music All Access. Which works very much like Spotify but is a little better, at least I think that. You can “pin” music to device which downloads it for offline use. You can use on (i think) up to 7 places/devices. And: you can import your itunes library. And it supports Chromecast. Costs as much as Spotify with a bit more features.

Something I missed? Let Me Know!