How to use a regular wireless keyboard & mouse with HTC One M8

You know, one of those regular desktop kit that you use for your computer that comes with it’s own wireless USB transceiver.

This requires a special USB OTG adapter cable tho, that will set you back a whole $1 (or so). It can be found on Amazon/Ebay and local retailers. That’s all that you actually need for this, besides the keyboard and mouse of course. Or just the keyboard or just the mouse, depending on what you want to use.


The set I used is a recent (like a year old) Microsoft, older ones might not work but I think that most Microsoft and Logitech transceivers will work.

This is what you have to do

  1. Insert USB OTG adapter cable into your phone
  2. Insert the USB transceiver into that the end of that adapter.
  3. A notification will show up in the notification asking you to “Select keyboard layout”. The default layout is English.
  4. Under Physical keyboard you just select your transceiver (mine shows up twice for some odd reason), but tapping any of those worked.
  5. When you tap the transceiver you see current layout, with “set up keyboards layout” under it. Just select your layout(s).
  6. That’s it. Now it’s fully set up. You can just plug it in and go as well.