Various Rants and other bits – September 27th

Just a few rants on various stuff.


Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. That a certain maker of phones released a 5.5″ phone that’s a bit prone to bend when you have the phone in your pocket.

And, it doesn’t seem to be just a few phones either. To just make it better: their new software update tanked as well. I almost feel sorry for their tech people when they discovered that. We’ll see how BendGate plays out.

Yeah, there’s phones made out of that material that doesn’t bend. Some of course had a little fun with it

There’s something remarkable coming

We’ve all seen the REcamera site that plugs the event HTC got on Oct 8th. A careful guess is an 16MP action camera, or whatever it will called. “lifestyle” camera is my own personal guess. You’ve got more on it HERE.

Always know your rights

When you get a phone (or pretty much anything): Make sure that you know the consumer laws in your country/region. Know your rights, your obligations. Just know WHO to push on if things turns sour, which it can do with anything (like that bendy phone from that Other Maker).