Three months with a HTC One M8

This is always my own personal view of it, as the all of the Droider pages are.

Just tell me if it’s as good most says it?

Yeah, it’s better than what they say as well. It’s GOOD. I’ve never had any issues with it really. It feels good, and it looks good. Mine looks like new three months in, pretty much not a scratch on it.

So, you got some fancy case for it? Nah, I got a regular rather cheap pouch for it. Like £3/€4/$5.



Well, it’s NOT recommended at ALL to have slightly wet fingers and carelessly grab the phone. That might end in tears as it can get slippery as a bar of wet soap. Had some close calls myself, but I’ve always managed to catch it before it dives.

Well, the second lens can be a BIT hard to avoid to cover. Sure, there’s a warning about it. But, that’s just something you have to learn since it sits where it sits.

The camera of it is VERY good, the overall camera experience with the uFocus and everything makes it just VERY good. The photo below is just straight out of my M8, just default settings. Just me crawling around on the ground.


So, you don’t got a scratched lens cover?

Nope, not at all as it was fixed pretty early on. From what I’ve heard: it’s the coating on the lens cover that actually fails, or a residue from the manufacturing process. If you got it on your M8, either rub out the coating with some rubbing alcoihol (isopropyl), just be careful and don’t rub to hard. Rub with a q-tip or a makeup remover pad in a circular motion. But, I recommend that you talk with HTC support or with the Seller of the device first to have a proper solution for the problem.



And YES! It sounds very good as well.

BoomSounds in it does it’s job very well, on speakers or when you use earphones.

So, you’re saying that you kinda like it?

Yeah, I DO like it. It LOOKS good, and it feels SOLID. Got jeans on me today, and phone did of course not bend when I sat down.

Overall impression

It looks good. It feels good. It’s quick. I haven’t experienced much issue with it all, but I follow what I preach myself with some regular phone maintenance.  If you’re thinking about getting one, just do it.