Get around with your Android device

Or simply to find where to go.

Most of us have used Google Maps to get around. I assume. At least on Android, on a Windows Phones: perhaps something else.

With Google Now voice commands, you can actually use Google Maps in a pretty cool way.

“Show me a map of [insert name of place“, that simply shows you a map of New York (the state). Or whatever you want to see a map of.

“take me home”, simply shows you a tiny navigation area inside Google Now where you can tap “start” which will start a google navigation window. You might have to ok things if you haven’t started it before.

I am sure that there’s other commands as well, leave a comment below this if you find something else please and thank you.

But, I want to use Offline Maps!
There’s various ways in doing this, I use Osm AND myself which is simply an Android app that shows Open Street Maps (OSM) and allows you to download offline maps for the region/country you want. Free app allows you to download 10 maps, the pay version doesn’t have a limit in that. The maps are good enough, in some region/countries, and rather bad in others. But, that’s a price you pay for using OSM (being open source etc). I use it on my run phone(s) just to have an offline map in case I really really need a map.

I will cover this more over the fall season, since there’s hunt seasons and various things start. Will do a bit of Outside with Droider, since that is my other big interest.

For tracking your route, I use Endomondo Pro myself. Or you can use Google MyTracks (haven’t used that in a while.