What’s new in the 4.4.3 update for One M8

Started in UK earlier today (yes, got a UK phone). This is what I can find right now, and will update this post when I find more.

As 4.4.3 is mostly “Under the hood” type things there’s not a massive list of new things. But, there’s a few (and one VERY neat thing). This is for version number 2.22.401.5.

This is what HTC says (with my comments on some)

  • Android 4.4.3
  • Security fixes, it includes the OpenSSL and FakeID (13678484). The OpenSSL patch is pretty much everything that’s in 4.4.4 so HTC got you covered there as well. Running the bluebox security scanner shows that every bug/exploit is patched.

Performance optimisation

  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth, feels that it connects a bit easier/faster to things.
  • Mobile network, feels quicker to lock onto mobile data


  • Camera
  • Gallery (image match)
  • Settings (Power History), under Settings > Power > Battery usage you know got it split into different pages where you can see for “all”, “screen off” and “screen on”. With further granularity for when, from “all” down “past 2 days”.
  • HTC Sync Manager

Sense experience optimisation

  • BoomSound
  • Extreme Power Saving Mode, it now explains more on what it is and what it turns on when enabled.
  • Motion Launch, it feels a bit easier to trigger for me.
  • Quick Setting

Droider findings

  • Notification Light, under Settings > Display & gestures you’ve got Flash Notifications which you can set to “always” or “when screen is off“. App notications just gives you a list of what you can get flash notification on: missed call, voice mail, messages, calendar, mail and alarms.

Will fill in more of the blanks as I dig around a bit more, but it’s mostly patches for things. It just feels solid.

And the most wanted thing:

File Manager (green iconfilemanager to the left). Which FINALLY lets you both create folders on external sd and lets you copy things from internal storage to external. This kinda makes the entire update for me.

There’s HTC News app as well, which gives you HTC related news.

But! I wanted 4.4.4! Relax, everything 4.4.4 brought is included in this 4.4.3 update.

But! I am having problems with my phone after the update!!
Yes, some phones just will have problems. It’s kinda a part of it all. It’s very often due to apps/etc on the phone already or just random OC (Other Crap).

Battery can be suffering a bit if you haven’t wiped the cache partition for a while and so on. Read THIS for more pointers. And: this is never due to a “bad” update or whatever you might think. And will never get fixed with an other update. Unless you do the “bug test” and it fails: that can of course be fixed by an update. Bug test = if you can replicate a behaviour (bad one) on another phone after a factory reset. Replicate = fail.