4.4.3 For One M7 released in Europe

Or parts of Europe I should say.

Seen it on Nordic phones (HTC_Y13) and East Europe (HTC__032).

Can’t really find anything obviously new in it, besides the new HTC File manager app.

And the regular question: “But, when will I get it on my phone??”. That simply depends on where you live, what type of phone etc. You will get it, the locked network/carrier variants of it can be a little tricky when it comes to updates tho. I can’t tell you when.

But, 4.4.3? I want 4.4.4? Relax, as 4.4.4 is pretty much just a single patch for OpenSSL: HTC have included that important bits from 4.4.4 into their 4.4.3 update. To save some time, and to prepare for the upcoming Android L. Which didn’t sound like such a bad idea.