More on 4.4.3 for One M8 in UK

And “rest of Europe” I should say.

In short: Yes, you will get it. You get it later if you have a network branded phone, since that contains network specific software that the update needs to be adapted for.  I can’t tell you just when you will get it.

But, I want get 4.4.4 now! That is a bit pointless since pretty much all that 4.4.4 contains is a patch for openssl and other security fixes, this HTC opted to INCLUDE in their 4.4.3 update for One M8. To simply avoid doing two updates, and to prepare a bit from the upcoming Android L update.

But, I want it on my M7! What I know right now is about the M8. If i get to hear something for other phones, I will of course write about that. As always.