Things I see in searches – August 5th

Just a few of the searches that I see. It’s like a short “best of”, this will not be full guides. But, just pointers either to guides or just a short thing.

  • “morelocale 2” – guide about that HERE
  • “enable developer options htc one” – guide about that HERE
  • “htc one flash player” – since there is no official “flash player for mobile” by Adobe any more: it’s NOT recommended to use the hacked versions around, that’s not been updated for over 2 years. Yes: over 2 years.  There might be ways, but just avoid it as it’s not worth it. There’s other ways today. More about that HERE
  • how to use pm command” – PM (or Package Manager) is simply a set of commands inside a Shell (that’s part of ADB), more on that HERE. It assumes that you’ve got Android SDK tools installed, I prefer the official Google myself. More on that HERE.

And, that’s pretty much it for today.