Selecting launcher in Sense 6

This assumes that you’ve installed others than just the stock Blinkfeed (which it’s called in Sense 6).

Can’t I just uninstall the launcher I’ve installed in case I don’t want to use it anymore? Yeah, that would of course be an option.

But, if you want to switch back and forth between launchers you’ve got the standard 4.4 way doing this in Sense 6 (it’s not in the same place as in AOSP android 4.4 tho).

So? tell me!

It’s actually pretty simple (think I’ve done a guide on this on a Nexus 7 2013). You just go to Settings > Personalize > Home screen, where you simple select the launcher you want to use. I tend to go between Blinkfeed and Google Now Launcher, since those are the two that gives me what I want.