The week so far

Or: various rants part 4,568. Yes, a classical Crazy Swede rant. Some bits at least.

One M8 started to get it’s 4.4.3 update here in Europe (Sweden etc). Saw the other that it had hit some phones in India as well. So, it’s coming. In some countries there’s various things the update have to go through tho. But, relax. You will get it. Oh, btw: that update contains a file manager that can apparently take ownership of files/folders on external sd-card.

But, it’s just 4.4.3! I want 4.4.4!

Now we’re getting into rant territory. HTC includes the security fix that makes up 4.4.4 into their 4.4.3, that patches the openssl heartbleed MITM exploit that was found in June. That’s right: they included 4.4.4 (pretty much all of it) inside the 4.4.3 update, since (I looked) on my Nexus 7 the 4.4.4 was a 2.4MB update. Yeah, you heard me: a whopping 2.4MB. So, it didn’t contain very much.

Yes, things change!

I know that this is just me ranting, and that I’ve seen it MANY times before. But, updates ARE meant to changes things. And, doing LONG rants about how “stupid” something are on facebook: Just give it a chance. Try it out. Before you call sense 6 “bad”. That’s simply not how it is. Yes, you might not like the way it looks.  But, you get used to it.

But: a new update is NEVER designed to be “worse” when it comes to pure functions. A phone with a new update should never crash/hang. That is RARELY due to the update tho, read more about that HERE

If you don’t like the look of something, since it’s Android: you can install a launcher, there’s PLENTY of those on Play store. Same with lock screens etc. Find a solution instead of just seeing it as a “problem”, since you might find a new fun game while you look in Play store for that launcher or whatever.

Try to see things from a positive point of few, I know just how easy it is to JUST see the negative in things. But, it’s MUCH more fun with a positive twist on things..

Ok, enough rants here. For today. Will do more guides and such later this week.