What HTC charger does my HTC phone need?

It can at times be a bit confusing since there’s  bunches of different HTC chargers around when you look online.

Will start by stating there’s two different main types of HTC chargers:

  • The old 5V/1A charger for One X, One X+, One M7, etc
  • The new 5V/1.5A charger for the One M8, One Mini 2 etc.

Yes, you can charge One M8 with a 5V/1A charger. It will just take longer since it’s 5W instead of 7.5W with the new type.

Yes, you can charge your older HTC phone with the newer 5V/1.5A/7.5W charger. It will however adapt to the need of the phone and and use 5V/1A so it will not be quicker.

HTC TC E250 is the 1A with EU plug. HTC TC U250 is the US etc

HTC TC P900 is the 1.5A for One M8/etc. With variants, like P900-UKP900-EU and P900-US etc. I don’t find the P900-US on Expansys etc right now. Edit: I see it being called HTC TC E900 and B900 now, E for Europe and B for British .

For UK you’ve got two different 1A chargers:

There’s more chargers around as well, but those are the most common ones.

But, do I have to use a HTC charger for my HTC phone?
No, not really. As long as it’s a genuine product so it’s not one of those cheap faked chargers and got the same Voltages and Ampere: Just use it.  That’s the most important thing: make sure that you buy a genuine charger. If you see an HTC charger on chinese ebay seller page for 1 Euro with shipping: there’s a possibility (like 102%) that it’s not a genuine HTC product. And that it might be a bit unsafe to use.