Google+ auto-backup of photos doesn’t work when on wifi only

This seem to be more on American phones, haven’t so far noticed it myself. But, it’s a good little trick to know anyway.

The source of this is a post HERE, so all credit goes to rickms80 for finding this solution. And to Big B for confirming that it works, he noticed that regular phone backup didn’t work before this trick as well.

Might be more solutions/problems than this only, but it’s a nice place to start.

So, tell me!

The cause of it (at least on the american phones I know about) I don’t really know.

But, what happens is: wifi’s get all marked as “mobile hotspots”, and when they get marked as that: “Apps can be restricted from using those networks when in the background”. As in a backup/sync situation. Causing the backup/sync thing to just not work, since the system sees it as “unsafe connection” or just “No wifi connection”. Or “wifi only” in g+ auto backup.

I’ve told my G+ to only auto backup on Wifi only, and I tick my wifi network under mobile hotspots: it disables auto backup at once.  And had a big problem getting auto backup to even to ON, I had to restart my phone. So: don’t play around with that. It’s lethal.

So, solution is that under Settings > More > Data usage, then 3 dots menu > Mobile hotspots. And there simply untick the networks that’s not a mobile hotspot.

In a nice list form (this is Big B):

  1. remove incorrect ‘mobile hotspot’ checks on your regular wifi connections
  2. switch autobackup to ‘wifi only’
  3. turn off autobackup
  4. turn wifi off
  5. turn wifi back on
  6. turn autobackup back on

Droider addition: you might have to restart your phone after step 1  if auto backup just don’t want to be on at all.