Upgrades: what you should do

With upgrades I mean anything larger like a new sense or android version (or both).

First thing: around an upgrade/update you will at times experience problems. This is due the nature of an upgrade, and at times almost expected. Each phone is different, and some users WILL experience lots of issues that others just doesn’t. Often due to apps installed that aren’t a 100% compatible with the new update and so. This you can’t get away from, and you can’t do a new update that will fix it due to the complex nature of it.  Written about it HERE before. And HERE about how you do a factory reset on a One M8 (same on M7 etc).

What Droider recommends if you’re having problem:

  • Do a factory reset. I don’t use the HTC backup way myself since that at times gives you problems and takes a VERY VERY long time.  Use your google account for your contacts and just sync that. That is the quickest way to do things, and the cleanest. Sure, you need to install back apps but when you do that: think about what apps are you’re installing back. Limit yourself a bit.
  • Wipe the cache partition. This is simply a temporary storage for things on the phone, which at times needs to be cleaned.
  • Don’t assume it’s a bug. Which it rarely/never is.
  • If you got a One M7 and the camera is pink in low-light mode: that is a rather known hardware problem with some batches of it. Manufacturing defect in the camera module (or surrounding parts), it’s been fixed by the manufacturer since then. But, if you got the pink problem: it needs to be repaired, so talk with HTC support in your country .
  • If you got persistent problems with your phone despite factory reset and wiping cache partition: there might be problems with the hardware. Talk with HTC support in your country. 

Take care of your phone!

Clean it a bit every now and then. I even clean the outside of my phones just to make sure that there’s no debris and stuff collecting around speakers and so on. Just wipe it down, I have wet wipes for my glasses and while using those: I just wipe off the phone as well. Just make sure that it’s the kind that doesn’t contain water.

And: an upgrade/update is supposed to change things. Things might look and sound different compared to old versions. Embrace it. Give it a chance.