What’s ‘Developer options’ on One M8 really?

Sooner or later when you’re dealing with Android you will see “developer options” or just “dev options” mentioned.

So, what is it really? And I will focus on One M8 now.

But! I don’t see “Developer options” anywhere on my phone! Help me! is it broken?
No, it’s not broken. Developer options are hidden in android since 4.2 since some settings there aren’t for the “average user” and can actually mess up things. Tended/tends to show up every now and then with “htc destroyed my phone!”, when it’s about a developer setting that someone got to by mistake. THIS guides you how to enable Developer options on M8, it’s btw the same/similar on any HTC phone.

Developer options as is says are options mainly for developers (at least it was in the beginning of things). Most things found in there is for developers or to help development etc.

First the good useful things

Stay awake
Pretty much just what it sounds like, “screen will never sleep while charging”.

Select runtime
Here you can select between Dalvik and ART. Just know that ART is still experimental in 4.4 and some apps WILL not behave nicely when using ART. Phone might be a little faster in some things but other things will be far more crash prone.

High performance mode
This is mostly used for benchmarking and so on. Is not good for battery etc, so don’t use it all the time. It gets you some extra % of speed. OFF for me.

Process stats
here you see “geeky stats about running processes”. Yup.

USB debugging
This is very important when you want to use it against ADB and other desktop tools. This is a default ON for me.

Verify apps over USB
This could be a very useful thing to make sure that you don’t got any harmful apps on your phone. ON for me.

Rest of the tools there on the first page are mostly used for development.

Under Advanced

Here you got tools that most should avoid since some of them slows the phone down to a crawl or shows strange things on the display.

But, there’s one thing there that I disable myself:

Simply turns off/on all animations, like going between screens and so. You can play around with scales for animations as well if you do want animations on.

Rest under Advanced is to be avoided really, unless you’re aware of just what it is.

The slightly bad stuff, this is used for development only or just to play around. This will NOT enhance performance in ANY way, some of it will slow it to a crawl as well.

Don’t keep activities
This will kill any app when you leave it. Sounds good but it’s not, this forces things to restart all the time.  You’ll notice soon that blinkfeed and regular screens have to reload all the time. Acts like it’s crashing. DO NOT USE THIS ONE.

Just be careful with what things you change under dev options since some of them might give you strange things displayed on your screen and such.