Looking for your photos!

You might have noticed that here on DREU there’s a newly added header image (it’s not shown in some phone browsers tho).

And now I’m looking for your photos to showcase “up there”.


  • Your own original photo.
  • Taken with a HTC phone, you don’t have to have a specific phones. Just any HTC phone.
  • Photo have to be at least 1260 pixels wide.
    The visible area is 1260 x 140, rest will be cropped.
  • Preferable photo(s) that doesn’t contain too much details that “breaks” up the photo(s) too much.

So, how do I enter?

You’ve got two ways in doing that:

  1. Use the Let me know form using a valid e-mail address,  letting me know that you want to be a part of it. I will then mail you asking for photo(s).
  2. Mail me directly to tobbe{at]droider[dot]se

Include (look the featured image for this post to get an idea):

  • Name you want to be shown.
  • Title/place where it’s taken
  • What phone it’s taken with

Do you have many photos you want to show off here?
Then let me know, and we’ll work something out.