What’s up with ‘Flash player for mobile’ really?

This I’ve seen a LOT around the 4.4.2 update for One M7 and on the later One M8.

So, are HTC evil by not including ‘Flash player for Mobile’ in their updates?
Actually the other way around. Here’s the kicker: There’s no longer any OFFICIAL ‘Flash Player for Mobile’ plugin application by it’s maker Adobe. That’s correct. I repeat: there is NO official ‘Flash player for mobile’ anymore. That’s it actually the biggest reason why it’s not included. Adobe announced back in 2011 that would cease all development on it, and it was pulled from play store all together last year I think. Support really went in Android 4.2 but some opted to keep it in, but with 4.4 it just had to go. Out the window.

Yes, there’s various hacks to get it to work. But: an app that haven’t been updated since 2011 that was known be power hungry and potential security risk. Yes, a security risk. So, just Stay away. It wasn’t any good anyway. It’s knowingly installing a security risk that’s up there in parity with heartbleed. Esp the hacked variants that could contain pretty much anything. If it’s not official: just stay away. And: there isn’t ANY official ‘flash player for mobile’ anymore.

But! I need Flash!!
Actually you don’t. I know: that sounds very smartassy of me, but just go with the flow for a second here. Since 2011 there’s actually been a development of various other things that a site maker can use instead of flash to play a video etc.

You can with FOUR lines of code do a simple video player that plays a mp4 on pretty much ANY device using HTML5. If I would do a page for “Mobile browsers” today, I would of course NOT do it with ‘flash for mobile’ (since it stopped being relevant soon 2.5 years ago). I know: some desktop site is just not adapted at ALL to be viewed on a mobile browser which at times gives you a bit of problem.

But, most serious site makers today are very aware of this. That ‘flash player for mobile’ simply is NO more. And will stay that way. Just think about this: NO iphone or ipad have ever had that support. And there’s a LOT of those around. So: pages have to adapt to how it is.

End of rant