Install a factory image on a Nexus

It’s pretty much the same method used regardless what nexus.


  • A computer. Of course. I use a Windows 8.1 one.
  • Android sdk with tools, or minimal installation of adb/fastboot.
  • Unlocked bootloader
  • Download factory image from here, be sure you get the right on.

Download the factory image you need

1 .How to unlock the bootloader
If it’s unlocked already, jump to step

Get it into bootloader mode. I do this via adb myself.

First I use

adb devices

To see if it’s properly connected, and everything is started. Then I simply reboot into bootloader with

adb reboot bootloader

With device in bootloader. I simply unlock it with. DO know that this erases ALL user data. It warns about that on the unlock screen as well.

fastboot oem unlock

On Nexus 10, after unlocking the bootloader, the internal storage is left unformatted and must be formatted with

fastboot format cache
fastboot format userdata

Keep in fastboot, since the flashing process needs that. If you reboot it from there, you need to set it up and enable usb debugging again. And then just wipe it straight away. Fun. No.

2. Flashing
Then it’s just to find the factory image you’ve downloaded. Unpack it. And simply run the flash-all.bat ( for linux/mac) inside that folder.  That’s pretty much it.

 Read more about it HERE