First look at Android L

yes, the preview of “L release” or Android L got live yesterday.

been using it on my Nexus 7 (wifi) 2013 for around 24 hours now.

So, what do I think about it?
It’s promising. VERY promising even. The first thing in my head when I tried it out was “man, this will be GOOD when it’s good”.  It’s amazing for being a preview.

Material design, where you can see it, looks very very nice. If it’s inspired by HTC Sense? Yes, very obvious.

Most things just works on it, I was a bit worried that my Nexus 7 would work a bit so-so with it, but it’s actually pretty usable. But, don’t expect all things to always works.

Remember that this is a Preview
This isn’t final code/software in ANY way, which is obvious at times. Don’t expect it on your M8 or M7 within in (now) 89 days, since that is from when Google decides to release what’s now ‘L preview’

I want it on my Nexus 5/Nexus 7 (wifi) 2013! How?
First you MUST unlock the bootloader, or it will simply not work. At all.  Download the L preview system image, then follow the generic install steps from Factory Images for Nexus page. If you don’t like L preview you can find factory images for earlier versions as well.