Adding back Sense 5 sounds to Sense 6 (M7/M8)

I’ve seen this a bit, but since it’s Android: you can use pretty much ANY sound you want to for ringtones/alarms/notifications.

This is actually pretty easy/simple to do. All you really need to focus on is: follow the folder structure needed for it. Since android looks for certain folders to contain ringtones/alarms and notifications.

Following works:

Alt A

Each in their own folder straight onto the user storage/sd-card, I put it on user storage on my M8 (of course same on M7). So a folder each for ringtones, alarms and notifications on the phone.

Alt B

Use the complete full Media folder structure, as used by HTC, which actually makes it simpler in the end since you can just grab the entire folder (with subfolders) and just copy it into place.  This is what I use myself.


Have written about it HERE before as well.

How to do it
And then you just put the sounds of your choice into those folders. You might have to do a restart, but those sounds will show up in the correct lists. It’s that easy. Just know: you can ADD sounds but you can’t take away, unless you root your phone etc.

You need sounds for this, and by “accident” I have some
Sounds packs, the entire thing with the required folder structure. The Sense 4-6 sound packs are rather large, like 20-25MB. UI folder isn’t used, just left there for authenticity .

Just unzip to a location of choice, and go from there. You either use the entire thing, or do as me and pick various sounds for all over the place (I even use some old windows mobile ringtones). Just think about that the sound packs all unzip to Media folder.  This is just to get you started

So, how do I prevent the sounds to show up in my music player?
That’s actually pretty simple. Just put a .nomedia file in the folder you don’t want the system to scan for media files (photos, sounds, etc). It’s just an empty text file with NO name but .nomedia as extension. Just open Notepad on your computer, and when you’re saving it: just select “all files” and in the name box you just put “.nomedia” and save it. That’s it. Or use THIS, it’s just a zipped .nomedia file.