First impression of HTC One M8

I have to confess that one  of my first initial thoughts was “oooh, SHINY!”.

This is just the start of the M8 series of posts.  Will not go into great detail now since I’ve got that New Phone High right now.

It just feels SOO good in your hand, I don’f feel as slippery as some have said it to be. But, it’s perhaps just how I feel. It looks GOOD, it got more of a Premium look than even M7 got. It feels polished (which it IS) an just Designed.

Software I was familiar with since M7 runs a similar Sense 6/4.4.2, but M8 got a bit more with Motion Launch.

BooumSound just sounds Louder, at least it does to me.

In short: Great just got Better. It’s steps above M7. Sure, you see that they are from the same family but M8 is just the Boss of the family.